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Thread: Hey, I'm back

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    Hey, I'm back

    Sorry for my recent inactivity, I have been enjoying games other than minecraft (Gasp!). I have also been working very hard in school and I wasn't able to play as much as I did in the summer (no surprise there).
    I also have recently gone to a new school and have been settling in (all is well now) and I have been in contact with old friends as well as getting to know new ones.
    Lately, I was playing minecraft again, when I thought about DOM and his youtube channel. I checked and I had missed a lot of episodes! Seeing his new happy diggers episodes made me want to catch up with you guys.

    At the time of writing, it is almost 12 PM and I should be asleep, so I guess I'll catch up with you guys tommorow!

    Loser with no social life...

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    Welcome back, slash.

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    Hi, long time no see. Welcome back

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