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    White-list problems

    I tried to go back on to the happy diggers vanilla server, but this message came up:

    Disconnected by server

    You are not white-listed on this server!

    Has the white-list changed, or was I removed for being too inactive?

    Loser with no social life...

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    The whitelist was trimmed down recently and we removed inactive members.

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    Oh Ok, so is there any way I can get back on the white-list?
    Loser with no social life...

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    I would recommend playing on Small World for now, bad things happened on vanilla... And we add people to the vanilla whitelist once a month, but mostly active members.

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    Access to our Vanilla and Feed The Beast whitelist is something players have to earn. They can do this by being active, helpful and friendly on our servers for a longer period of time. We only add those players that we have come to trust and that we want to actually play with.

    I understand why you left. But since you've been gone for quite a while(4 months), we removed you from the whitelist to make room for new players.

    Don't worry though. If you're back for good then you'll probably find your way on to the whitelist again. Although we probably won't be doing anything with the Vanilla server until 1.5 comes out.

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