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Thread: Posting Wars!!

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    Posting Wars!!

    I was on the forums page looking at threads and I saw that the last posts on most of them were either me or J. He has wayy more posts than I do but its kinda lika a post war lol.

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    803 to 65? No problem! Comsider It BRUNG!

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    up to 82 beat that! Oh wait, u already have =(

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    Im close to taking the lead =)

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    Please don't spam. It's unneeded...

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    I appreciate you posting a lot, it's always fun to read new posts. But please keep them on topic and don't bump threads if you're the last one to post in them. If you want you can always use the Edit Post button to add some more lines to your posts

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    A post war, huh? You would be surprised how much a new member can post and not be spam. Especially since everything on the forum is something new to them and new to post their thoughts on!!
    "Peace sells, but who's buying?"

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    So feel free to drag up old necrotic threads, except the flamy ones, and breathe new live into them

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