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Thread: My First Day

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    My First Day

    Well I have pretty much spent my entire off day building and digging in this server. Thanks again for letting me join up. It is a really amazing server. I stood in awe of the Atlas in the Nether. Fell to my death from the top of that thing too.

    I have found a nice little hamlet by the water and have started my home. It is small but fits my needs well. I have also started up a little farm as well as some pens for animals. I have potatoes, carrots, melons, and sugar cane going now with planes to get the wheat going too. Any suggestions on the best way to go about doing these farms is much appreciated. Right now it is just sort of hanging out in the water growing ever so slowly but coming along.

    This is a really amazing server and I have enjoyed all the hours I've put into it so far. Hope to see some people on next time I log in tho! I was alone for most of the time haha.

    Anyways, again thank you and I can't wait to get back in there!

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    Im glad your enjoying it! I remember on my first day, the first place I went was the nether. I died in less than 3 minutes. To this day, I hold the record for the earliest death on the server. Anyway what are the coordinates to your house? Press F3 in game and look at your x,y, and z coordinates. If you tell me where it is, I will be sure to drop i and help. Have fun on the server.
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    Yeah I died pretty quick in the nether myself too haha.

    I have built a pretty nice little place so far. The coordinates are 627,65,-56

    I got them from the dynmap

    Main thing I need help is getting two cows so I can start breeding them. I need leather to make books!
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    Ill be sure to check it out =)

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