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    Being very much new to the PC version of Minecraft I have no idea how to install plugins. I see that the Small Town server has a few that run on it and Lockette is especially important to me as I don't want all my hard work stolen away in the night.

    Can anyone help me to figure out how to install plugins?
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    That's easy, you don't have to install any plugins to play on our servers

    All you need is the default Minecraft client, and you're good to go. The plugins are all handled by the server. You can type /help (or /help <page number>) to see a (long) list of available commands.

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    Oh wow really? Thats cool. Thanks!
    "Peace sells, but who's buying?"

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    You only need to care about plugins if you want to make a server to play on with friends, but I doubt you will need any plugins while playing with those you know, so you are sure no one steals from you or griefs.

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