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    Project "Kingdom Ruler" (now known as HappyDiggers RPG)

    This is a project that I planed for long time since I went on my trip with my dad and we can start making it after we finish the lobby first of course.

    The "Kingdom Ruler" is a type of Role-Play Server (Map) that its objective is to rule the specific kingdom as good as you can end expand it further economic, military and resources wise. There will be 3 kingdoms and a Leader for each of them. (we will see after who the leaders will be)

    I finished up creating these names from my deep corners of my mind and I hope you like them if not just try to suggest a new one

    1: Valkir
    2: Golvern
    3: El'Mazarh

    I will give up a few details abut each of them below and planing to do a wiki also later which will contain more details about Lore; Region Descriptions; Big Events etc.

    Valkir: Its a kingdom situated in the deep forests of the map a kingdom that was once said to protect the Power of the Sun and all the good energy in its land. People out there are good farmers, great hunters mastering the bow skill like no one else and using the forest as general protection against attacks making one of the most impressive ambushes ever.

    Golvern: A Gothic themed kingdom found in the cold mountains. The people that lived there before left many mines system similar to The Mines of Moria (if you are familiar with Lord of the Rings ) keeping lots of treasures and great adventures in it. The people that live there are "cold" as the mountains are and strong as brutes. From their aspect, others named them Orcs, the warriors that never take prisoners only cruses them with their battle hammers.

    El'Mazarh: The kingdom that own the "hot" place of the map: The Desert. People living there are used to high temperatures and even got a small resistance to lava! They are great in the art of assassination, sand traps and small blade crafting. Also they can live days without drinking a bit of water thing that lets them traveling from point A to B with least resources and running faster that way.

    I will need some people to help working on this and I thinked the following:

    #DOM: Good at redstone buildings, Scripting and Coding (pretty the same tho), and underground bases (you will do good at making the buildings in Golvern) and also World Painting

    #Roadie: Makes very good buildings with lots of details and a nice aspect. You will have no problems for taking care of the buildings in Valkir.

    #Wordie: Great at making map estetics. He can help me at making the important details around the world, like shrines, abandoned villages, temples, roads across the map etc.....

    #Demman and Noob: You can help others at building stuff and also lend wordie a hand on his "job"

    #InsaneJ: I give you the honor to build the great desert kingdom El'Mazarh it will be similar to this so you know: Desert Town Example

    #Flying: You can help others on buildings too but I want you to help me if you can of course seting up the wiki and maintaining it. Not a big deal just debate a few things and illustrate the history of what happens with the story of the map. People that will Role-Play there will influence the story on their own so any action they do will be taken in count you just post the most important aspects of it.

    This is all people I could think off ATM sorry if I forgot anyone just post a reply here, maybe something you are great at: building medieval stuff, making traps, building small villages etc.

    More details later

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    Wow... I'm getting excited about this! Few questions tho...

    1. Is the map gonna be whitelisted? If so, how will we assign people to what kindgom and job?
    2. Who gets to be the kings? Any1 that is on? or do we have NPC kings and we live in their kingdom?
    3. Will we be having quests?
    4. What will make people want to play the RPG elements of the game? Will they be rewarded?
    5. Will we have some sort of tie in with the HappyGuilds plugin? (gaining perks somehow)
    6. Will there be a list of things that need to be integrated to make this map work? (so I can start to find/config the plugins)
    7. Will J need to start a wiki page?

    These are just a few questions that i'm having for now, there are lots of unknowns for me right now and I would appreciate more info when we get closer to starting this project.

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    1: Yes, the server will have a whitelist system where people will need to give a few details about what will be their character name ( it will not he the Minecraft IGN it will be a custom name and using a command to asign that name I think essential contains it tha one that makes your name ~CoolGuys) and also a few things about what they think role-play mean in their own words and also they will need to read the lore on the future wiki in order to make their, character so they will know how to play their role according to the story.

    2:There will be 3 persons that will take place at first. After that people can get "popular" with they're actions and get to obtain the crown from the old king. Actions like being the ones that co,plete special events for example: The Big Attack at Town X... Be the one who saves the town from getting into ruins and people there will respect you from now on.. similar to the story of TES: Oblivian. Or be the one that defeats the legendary dragon .....

    3:Yes there will be quests also players can make quests on their own when they are role-playing. EXAMPLE: I heard about a rare plant that can be found in dungeon X, can you go there and bring it to me I will pay very nice for it!

    4:Yes they will get rewards for their actions the currency being made in coins (emeralds that will be retextured to coin texture and renamed too)

    5:Yes we can make special perks for our 3 main character classes: Royals, Orcs, Assasins. (also will use a level up system for their special skills).

    6:There will be a few things like maybe when punching stuff with bare hands to loose 1 life point ... trying to cut trees without axe or break stone without a pick will make you loose health and also make the player enviroment sensitive .. if its too cold for 1 player type slowly loose life if no armor is equipped or too hot and armor is equiped and thirst level low.

    7:I'm sure he can do that

    Also players won't be able to destroy stuff in the world except the special places for cutting trees, mining ores to trade and use it for forging as a blacksmith etc.

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    Sounds cool, ill keep my eyes on this thread.

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    Sounds very ambitious. Also you'd need a lot of players to make this work. Maybe when we integrate our servers that will happen.

    I think the map should be pre-rendered using Extra Biomes so we can take advantage of the classes. So 3 giant biomes, one for each class and then 3 intermediate biomes that 2 of the classes can survive in without negative effects but the 3rd cannot. This would divide the map into 6 areas basically, 3 of which you will need something before you can go there. The map should be large, but still have a border so we can still control the biomes.

    Maybe something like this?
    Glacier - Forested Hills - Desert - Meadow - Extreme Jungle - Green Swamplands - and then back to Glacier which starts the circle over again.

    Glacier people can survive in Glacier, Forested Hills and Green Swamplands but not in Meadow, Desert and Extreme Jungle.
    Desert people can survive in Desert, Forested Hills and Meadow but not in Green Swamplands, Glacier and Extreme Jungle.
    Extreme Jungle people can survive in Extreme Jungle, Meadow, Green Swamplands but not in Forested Hills, Glacier and Desert.

    So when a player wants to go into a 'hostile' biome he first has to take some precautions like wear armor, use some sort of potion, carry a specific item, etc.

    The biomes I mentioned are just some quick examples. They need some tweaking to make them more balanced. Here's a list of biomes we could use:

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    I am the perfect slave :3

    Noob on the other hand, haven't seen him forever...

    Anyways, I love the sound of this. I call dibs on Orc! I love mining, and bashing brains in. Hehehe

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    Started doing a small plugin that will change how items behave not all just a few of them.

    What i wanted to do it first of all or you can name it the idea that started the whole thing:

    #Use the paper as Bandage while right-clicking on a player then use a stick with the same method to heal the player a few hearts. After the procedure is followed it will come up with a message like this: "Player X just fixed your broken limbs. You can keep going now!"

    I will make other uses also so suggestions are welcome. I am still in the "learning" stage becausee it's been a long time since I last coded using Java and the Bukkit API.
    I think it will also get me a few tries before I get it all right so any help will save the wall being smashed by my head. :P

    See you later with updates

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    This is the Application model to join the server.
    Its more of an example for now it will change in time!

    Player information:

    Minecraft IGN:
    What is your age?:
    Have you read, understood and agreed the rules?:
    Link any applications that you have previously made: [previous applications made for this server only]
    Have you read the lore?:

    Answer us a few questions and your chances to be accepted will grow!

    What is Role-playing in your own opinion?:
    [Warning! Do not Copy any definition from the internet! Use your own words.]
    What experience do you have with RPG games?:
    Why do you want to play on our server?:

    Character information:

    Complete the following biography on your character:

    Character Name:
    Character's Age:
    Past / History: (Make a story of your own using the info you gained from reading the lore)
    What do you want to become in future:
    Personality: [Your character's atitude, feelings impulses etc.]
    Skills: [Ex: Sword Handling; Farming; Tree Choping etc.]
    Appearance (your Minecraft skin must be acording to the lore):
    Other details about your character:

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    Dont under-estimate me demman, I'm Everywhere, It's just my ftb file's have been screwy so no one has seen me, Also i've been busy, But i have never stopped looking at the forum so i know whats going on, Sounds like a good idea marius, I guess ill enter some information,

    My age is doing fine, I wish i was younger but yea.
    -5:00 utc i think
    As well as i can
    None Ever

    Ps. I'm The best slave/noob you'll ever know.

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    The wiki broke some things in vBulletin so I removed it for now. I've posted a bug report so hopefully they'll fix it soon.

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