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Thread: Please Help

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    Please Help

    Hey guys, if you have seen my youtube channel, you mich know that I play the in-browser version.
    I am having problems, and I cant download minecraft. If you have any idea how to fix this please tell me.

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    You will first have to help us. We can't see what's going on with your PC.

    What happens when you download minecraft.exe from

    Can you save it to your computer or do you get an error? If you get an error, what did already you try to fix it?

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    This is what happens.

    1. I go to
    2. I log in.
    3. I click Download Now!
    4. I click on "download for windows"
    5. The Minecraft launcher comes up and the screen is black.
    6. After about a minute, it says: Not Responding.
    7. A screen pops up and notifies that the launcher is not working.
    8. I roll on the floor screaming and swearing for about 3 minutes, or until at least 5 of my neighbors have called to make noise complaints.
    9. I pass my time by playing checkers or connect 4.
    10. I try again the next day.
    11. Repeat.

    I am able to save. But not download.

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    From what you described, you are able to save AND download

    Try the following:
    Uninstall Java from your PC.
    Download the latest version of Java from here:
    Install latest version of Java.
    Update the drivers of your graphics card.

    If you do not know which grapnics card is in your PC, do the following:

    If you have Windows 7.
    Right click your desktop and select screen resolution
    Name:  Righ-click-desktop.jpg
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    Then click on "Advanced Settings"
    A screen like this should appear:
    Name:  advanced-settings.jpg
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    In this example, it's an Nvidia card. It could also be AMD/ATI or Intel.

    If you have Windows XP, right click your desktop, select properties and then click on settings. A screen like this one should appear.
    Name:  XP-video-card-properties.jpg
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    Then download the drivers for your graphics card. Here are some links.
    AMD / ATI:

    Install the drivers appropriate for you graphics card, reboot your PC and try to run Minecraft again.

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    How do I uninstall java?

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    Control Panel -> Programs and Features

    I think it's a good idea for you to learn how to manage your computer. But if you don't know how to uninstall programs, maybe you should ask someone who knows a little more about computers to help you out and follow those instructions together?

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    I recommend learning more about your computer as well. My dad is a computer guy so he helped me learn how to manage my brother and I's laptop when I was 5ish :P Do you have any friends that like technology? I know I had to help a lot of my friends with this kind of stuff :S

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    I don't really mangage my comp much. My mom is really touchy about that. We has to hire a dude to do it for us.

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    Ok, I gotz da java, do I has to do anything to install it? I downloaded from the link in your post.

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