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    Article: InsaneJ & Mupje at HappyDiggers FTB - ep 7 - Wisp Farm pt2

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    Last night when Mupje just logged out the 'flux spew forth something foul'. No idea what spawned though, maybe a Giant Brainy Zombie?

    Seems the effects are related to what type of essence is in flux, most essences just generate wisps, but there are a couple of nast ones:

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    Though when I've built my lightning capacitor I vote for a lot of Vacuos + Visum

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    Mupje was throwing random stuff into the crucible to see what would happen. I helped a little...

    Anyway I think I'll steer clear of Thaumcraft for now, it seems people keep crashing left and right as soon as they start researching things and giant nodes come into play

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    Had no problems last night while working on my new base near the giant golem, so it must only be when that node is visible or something.

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