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    FTB Ultimate vs Mindcrack

    FTB Ultimate has been released! I've copy/pasted the comparison chart from the FTB forum and put Ultimate and Mindcrack right next to each other. Take a look:
    Name:  FTB Ultimate vs Mindcrack.png
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    Mindcrack has 2 things Ultimate doesn't:
    • Rei's mini-map(which you can always install separately);
    • Traincraft.

    Ultimate on the other hand add the following Mindcrack doesn't have:
    • Applied Energistics
    • AS Update Check Mod
    • Charge Pads
    • BiblioCraft
    • Equivalent Exchange 3
    • FlatBedrock
    • ForgeIRC
    • Gravity Gun (*gleeeeeee*)
    • Immibis Core
    • MineFactory Reloaded
    • Modulare PowerSuits
    • Mystcraft
    • NEI Mystcraft Plugins
    • Nether Ores
    • Power Converters
    • PowerCrystals Ore
    • SecretRooms
    • Thaumic Bees (!!)
    • Tubestuff
    • VoxelMap
    • Xeno's Reliquary

    I think it's a no-brainer but.... Who wants to switch to the Ultimate mod pack?

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    would love to play with the new mods, thats a yes for me

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    What about starting a new map? A lot of people have invested quite a bit of time building stuff, gathering resources, doing research, breeding bees, etc.

    Who would want to start a new map? Or who absolutely doesn't?

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    I wouldn't mind... much I have an excel sheet with all the possible mutations I've found so far for my bees. Thaumcraft would be a matter of gathering enough resources to redo all my research. Nothing a quarry wouldn't fix

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    Go for the FTB Ultimate pack if it won't break any of the existing stuff. It will add some new things also which is a good thing (gives you more activities to do).

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    I like the sound of the new storage Applied Energistics adds and Minefactory Reloades is looking good as well

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    I think ultimate pack would be great and new map is a go!!

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    ultimate for me ....and can we please consider working together and not destroying spawn like last time as soon as we start lets get it all up as community ...and im recording this time from scratch
    [size=x-large]Earth Defense Force now that\'s new school retro ...[/size]

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