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    Enchanting Problems 1.5


    I've been having some problems with enchanting since I updated to 1.5.. For some reason the highest level I can reach is 8.. It's not because I don't have enough bookcases because I do. It's also not because of the way its arranged because it worked fine the way it was before the update. I'm just wondering why this is happening.. Please help?


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    I haven't got a clue what that is. It could be something in the 1.5 client.

    The Skyblock server is still 1.4.7. As you may have read on the front page this can cause some incompatibility problems. I'm not saying this is one of them, just that we should keep in mind that it's a possibility.

    If anyone else has any idea about what's causing TD's enchanting problem, please share

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    Oh it's fixed now It was because there was snow of the ground near the enchanting table and bookcases. I'm guessing that obstructed the enchanting table from absorbing text from the book cases lol.. I removed the snow and it works fine now

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