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    1.5! Good Or Bad?

    Hey guys, talon here,
    And as I'm guessing you all know, 1.5 has been released to the community. This is one of the more major updates Minecraft has seen in its days. This is mainly a redstone update but there are also new things to play with. Although many of you may think its great, I am personally a bit overwhelmed. With things like redstone comparators, daylight sensors, droppers, and hoppers, Minecraft is becoming a bit more like Feed The Beast with every update. There are over 10 new items in the update. All are either rare or complicated or just wierd. I you have not yet played on it. I reccomend updating to 1.5 then trying it out on a single-player creative world. If you have questions (I know I did) either post them here or google them. There are lots of 1.5 guides out there. I am not yet sure if I like 1.5 but tell the community what you think by posting your feelings here.

    A complete list of added things in 1.5:
    1. Hoppers
    2. Droppers
    3. Redstone Comparators
    4. Nether Quartz (also quartz stairs, pillars, blocks, ore, and chiseled nether quartz.)
    5. Cart w/ hopper
    6. Cart w/ TNT
    7. Activator Rails (Avtivate Carts w/ TNT)
    8. Weighted Pressure Plates (light and heavy)
    9. Blocks of Redstone
    10. Daylight Sensors
    11. Trap Chests
    12. The ability to change the name of spawn eggs using an anvil (gives spawned mob a gamertag of what you named the egg)
    13. New commands (ex: /effect)
    14. New things you can do with command blocks.
    15. Still no emerald tools or spawn herobrine/ender dragon spawn eggs.

    The possibilities of things to do with 1.5 are (almost) endless!!!!


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    It's got its mix of the 2, 1.5 has its Pro's and Con's like any other update i just wish minecraft and bukkit would partner up before each update and try to make a "STABLE" release to it the day the update is offered, Along with the other important plugins and bukkit-like plugins, All in all people will get used to it after awhile but it's no different in Getting used to it then any other update Well Mostly like any other.

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    I love the new update. I've been testing some fun pranks I'll be playing on people on my friend's personal server. I've became more of a redstone fan through my time playing, so I love this update. I also love FtB, and that is personally the path I want the game to go in.

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    Hoppers and Comparators have enabled so much more stuff to be done with redstone. I love it. Also with dispensers able to give each other items, bone meal plants and equip armour for players, it's got as those few steps closer to being able to automate anything!

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    One thing I didn't mention, it now takes anywhere from 1-3 bonemeal to fully grow a plant.

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    This is probably one of the best updates yet IMO.

    I love the redstone improvements
    We finally get a nice white marble "quartz" to work with without having to substitute with snow.
    The snow drift blocks are just great.
    Hoppers/hopper carts and other tweaks unlock a whole new realm of innovation.
    The nether has more incentive to build in it now.
    Finally, Finally!! The Lapis block has a just as sexy looking counterpart.

    Thats allot of old wishes that came true for me.

    The only bad or useless one would be the egg naming since you cannot obtain spawn eggs in legitimate game play anyways.
    Also bad if bud switches fell to the same fate as waterladders.

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    Nope, BUD switches still work.

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