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    On the prison server.. somehow the factions keep getting reset and all the members in my faction keep getting removed. And some of the land I claimed also becomes unclaimed. I have been lucky so far because I was able to add the members of the faction back and claim the land. But it looks like it has happened again and all my members were removed. That means I will have more land than power. So other factions can claim land that already belong to my faction if they have enough power. Well I logged on today to find that everything that I worked on for the past 6 or so months have been claimed by another faction. It's not even my fault because the members I had were removed automatically. I dont know what to do anymore..

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    Factions reverts claimed land and buildings back to before it was claimed if players become inactive. Also players that have become inactive are removed from factions. This is all done automatically.

    Basically if faction members don't play regularly, everything the faction has done will be undone.

    Towny in this aspect is clearer as you have to pay daily upkeep to keep your town running. So you know that if the bank is empty, the town will be removed. You can also know how long the town can keep on running before getting into trouble. So you could for example sell diamonds and put the money that provides in the bank to keep your town running for a week or more and then come back a week later to continue. Factions doesn't have a 'count-down' for this so it's hard for players to know when it will happen.

    The reason Factions and Towny remove inactive factions/towns is so that the server doesn't turn into a ghost town.

    Our hope is that when we merge all our servers into one large server more people will come into contact with the other servers and players and that will create more activity. Sad as it is to see your work undone, I don't think there's a lot we can do about this. We can't exactly force people to play. And for some reason our community has never become very large even though we put up new servers regularly, add new plugins, try to listen to feedback and work on new things constantly.

    To sum it up: HappyDiggers consists of a very loyal(and awesome!) core group and a lot of players that come and go

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    So there isn't anything you can do then J?

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    Well I could probably remove the other factions claim so you could reclaim your stuff. But technically the other faction didn't break any rules. So if I helped you out, it might be unfair to them.

    I don't know who the other faction belongs to, so it could just as well be that their a bunch of unfriendly people. In which case I'd have no problems with giving you your land back

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    Yeah I understand.

    Well the faction that claimed my builds is called 'Mercy'. The players that are on this faction are camnham, wackster96, kanebritt. And anything you can do to help will be really appreciated J. Thanks.

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    J, its ok.. Just forget about it.. I handled it
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