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    I was banned for no reason? WHY?!

    I was banned by InsaneJ For griefing.
    I have never griefed in my entire life and i call BS on this!
    I have two cousins i play with, we only stick together and play.
    I go on this server everyday and play with them and i want to play again
    Therefore, i hope you can resolve my issue and let me play again. I went on
    and saw the issue was Griefing. I want to play on this because its the one i dont get
    java errors on and the other servers i loved had this error.
    So i only ask if i can be unbanned and play again. Its not fair to the people who play legit and
    dont grief!

    My IGN is Dehsign and if you see this message please remove that pointless ban..
    If you want to speak witnesses I will PM there IGNs.

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    You deliberately blocked the entrance to the tree farm on C-block. In fact, you removed the wooden planks and replaced them with cobblestone. For people without a pickaxe(which is everyone starting out in C-block) that makes it really hard to get into the tree farm.

    Why would you do such a thing if you know it will cause other people grief? The mine is not yours. You play there with other people...

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    Hey there Im parkourbros Dehsigns cousin and We had lots of fun and i know him in real life he wouldnt do anything like that and he meant to clean it up later but the spleef bug stopped him. Also playing without him really makes me feel alone and sad So can you please unban him?? Ill be very happy if you do. If you want to punish him, make him a C-Prisoner so he can start over again. That would really teach him a lesson. XD


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    I have decided to unban dehsign. You will not be demoted to a C-block prisoner. Your temp ban should be enough.

    Don't mess up again

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    May i ask, how long is the temp ban J?

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    Sorry, forgot to add. You have been unbanned already.

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    Oh, it still gives me the same message "You have been globally banned"
    I don't know whats wrong but i think i might be that im still banned from the other HappyDiggers servers because when i try to go on those it says the same thing :/

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    I've unbanned you again, could you try it again please?

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    It works now, thanks for everything J!

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