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    Question Ban

    hi, just like to say i was banned on the prison server for griefing and i didnt actually do anything i was just wondering why i have been banned.

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    I moved your thread to the proper sub forum where you can appeal your ban.

    You have been banned because you chopped down trees in the C-block tree farm without replanting the saplings. By doing this you deny other players the ability to chop down trees and sell the wood and thus making it harder for them to progress.

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    oh, sorry is there a way i can regain my trust or am i permanantly banned?

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    cause i love the server, i was upset when i was banned if i do go back ill be sure to help out around c-block area, thanks for looking at my application anyway, appreciate it
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    Hello?, is anyone actually gonna take this inot account cause i'd really like to go back on the server

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    I have pardonned your ban. Don't mess up again.

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