Yesterday I started building the new storage room for the FTB house. My turtle has dug out a nice little hole for me to start placing all of the DSUs and ME Storage drives. The new building I am calling the "shed".

The shed will have multiple levels to help with accessing the supplies from any level of the house. The house itself will have a monitor (or a few for convenience) that we can store/extract supplies from the shed. Also, the shed will house the automatic cfating supplies, including, but not limited to: autocrafting tables, furnaces, etc...

This is a big project and I will be cleaning the house of any chests in the near future. The supplies are easier to access with this method, so we wont need to walk between the various DSUs or chests to find what we need. The ME Access Terminals will be the only "chests" left in the house where we can search (with an awesome GUI) for the items we need. there are also Crafting Terminals that will be adjacent to the Access Terminals that will allow us to craft items WITHIN the storage network. This also alows us to craft un-stackable items in a large scale without even extracting the items into your own inventory!

The process of figuring everything out and getting it all running right might take a few days, but it is really gonna simplify our lives on that server.

Hope to be on today!