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    Mid-range GPU talk: AMD 7790 vs Nvidia 650 Ti Boost

    Since Marius is in the market for a new GPU, I thought it might be nice to see if other people here would like to join geeky tech talk about these new cards

    Here are some reviews for you to read:

    AMD surprised a lot of people with the recent launch of the 7790. It was faster then than an Nvidia GTX650 and a little cheaper as well. So it was only a matter of time before Nvidia would strike back. Their answer is the GTX 650 Ti Boost. Basically it's a GTX 660 with a few less cores enabled but it has the same 192-bit memory bus, the same clock speeds and the same amount of RAM. So it's more a 660 light then a 650-something.

    By the looks of things the 650 Ti boost if faster then the 7790 from AMD. The pices of both the HD7790 and the GTX 650 Ti boost are around 140 euro. So at that price level it's a no brainer to go for the Nvidia card.

    However in the past AMD has always lowered their prices whenever Nvidia had a card with similar performance at the same price level. Hence you always get a little more bang for your buck with AMD cards. I'm guessing that AMD will lower it's price of the 7790.

    Which is something they really have to do since the 660 Ti boost is about as fast as a 7850 which is a class above the 7790.

    Where did half my post go?

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    Just had a look at the specs of both cards look quite nice .i had a pair of the 7850's and was dam fine cards ...apart from the early hardware problems that in the end forced me to return them both. Them killed the replacements with a water escapade ( the less said about that the better ) I'm looking to upgrade the card soon so will give this a thought as soon as get PC sorted lol,...
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