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    JAICMAN123 made a "noob trap" in the nether of harbor town. If you enter the nether, and move in any direction, you will fall in lava, with no way out. I fell in and lost tons of great stuff. So, I warn you, dont go in the nether of you will die!!

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    Fixed it. Feel free to check yourself

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    Yeah I think player traps is something that needs to be regulated just like land mines are in RL.

    I can see someone having a trap on or in their area to punish uninvited snoopers "IE the trap trigger chest" but just randomly putting player traps any ware , "especially right outside a public nether portal", is just plain griefing.

    Unfortunenetly I was hammered by RL stuff when talon was tricked into a trap on saturday and all his stuff was lost. From what I read, teen, aleo, and zombie, which is a good portion of main active players on towny, don't want people traps period.

    This isn't Iraq nor is any town in a state of war; therefore I at least find it logically sound that: we don't need mines with candy tied on them randomly spread about the world. In a persons personal area is fine but yeah people need to find something prosperous to do rather than grief fellow players.

    I would also like to point out that this trap maker was asking if we used core protect on other servers.... I find that a bit disturbing.

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    Very good point Roadie, but old on a sec, it was actually inside the public nether portal.

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