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    Today I logged on and died right away. No mssage popped up to say how I died, and all my stuff was gone. I lost:

    1. Enchanted diamond sword, axe, shovel, helmet, and pick.
    2. Diamond hoe.
    3. Enchanted bow.
    4. 2 stacks of arrows.
    5. Crops for my farms.
    6. Enchanted iron chestplate leggings and boots.
    7. 17 levels of experience

    When I re-made the supplies, I went from 16 diamonds to 0 and 20 iron ingots to 1.
    Can anyone tell me what happened and do a roll back?

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    Did you die last time you logged off? Were you afk, and a mob killed you, then you turned off your computer without knowing?

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    I dont know, im just sad -(

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    In the logfile I see the following:
    2013-03-31 18:17:06 [INFO] talon6758 was slain by Zombie
    2013-03-31 20:12:04 [INFO] talon6758 lost connection: disconnect.genericReason
    2013-03-31 20:26:22 [INFO] [MineBans v0.15.2]: talon6758 ( was allowed to join the server.
    2013-03-31 20:26:22 [INFO] talon6758[/] logged in with entity id 961615 at ([world] 318.69999998807907, 69.0, 384.69999998807907)
    2013-03-31 20:26:48 [INFO] talon6758: ok
    2013-03-31 20:27:24 [INFO] talon6758: wtf???
    2013-03-31 20:27:37 [INFO] talon6758: i just died somehow
    I only see you dying from that zombie. Two hours after that it looks like you lagged out, and then 14 minutes later you reconnected.

    I can't find the events as you describe them in the logfile. Do you remember what time it happened?

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    nope, I thought I logged out, musst have mis-clicked, I was gonna go afk on the minecraft screen (not the server). And apperently, I didnt, so I got killed while I was afk, then my stuff de-spawned, and I was afk for another 2 hours and since I had lagged out, when I logged back in 14 minutes later, my stuff wasnt there. I don't know when it happened. But on the logfile, I guess it was: March 31st at
    6:17 (I live in washington so its pacific time.)

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    Anyway, I did alot after I died, including making tons of farms, so I dont want a rollback. And I think we have cleared up this prolem. Thanks for the help guys.

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