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    Post Builders Application [Limited Edition] :D

    The title tells it all. Now its your chance to prove your worth to become a valuable member of this community by being accepted for building this project.

    Right now I am looking especially for builders that are good/familiar with the following styles: Medieval Building, Gothic Buildings, Subteran Art, Fantastic Style (buildings like magic tree towns and stuff like that) and more to come so keep an eye on this thread!

    A good example of buildings are the houses found on the Small World Server (those found at spawn). Notice that they are more of a combination of Gothic and Medieval styles but you can use it as a reference point!

    IGN:[Your Minecraft Name]
    Building style: [Best style your good on.]
    Time Zone: [Please include hours you are available at so we know when we can count on ya!]
    Abilities: [What you better on? Make a house, build a fancy bridge, doing great walls, nice roads to locations etc...]
    Previous buildings: [Pictures of what you made in past! Don't try to get something from the internet or you will loose the privilege to make any building applications from now.
    What else are you good at building: [An example is also making impressive redstone circuits. Looking especially for those who can handle "playing" with command blocks.]

    NOTE: All fields are obligatory especially pictures of your previous builds!

    Copy/paste the following in your application:

    Building Style:
    Time Zone:
    Previous buildings:
    What else are you good at building at:

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    IGN: Cliffs
    Building Style: ...modular? hard to explain. I work room by room and plan out a style as i go. attention to detail and material are highlights as well as dimensions. Pretty good at making temples.
    Time Zone: eastern
    Abilities: Know a good deal about redstone, game physics, mob behavior, boat/minecart transport
    Previous buildings:
    though you've already seen and helped build this..
    What else are you good at building at: houses, roads, foilage, working docks, dungeons, lighting, time-keeping, puzzles, ghost blocks, ghost mode, oak tree size management, fence/glass pane/cobble wall behavior, cattle drives

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    Your added to the list. Send me a message with some contact details so we can keep in touch (skype, steam, mail what you use the most to communicate).

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    IGN: TeenageDreamer

    Building Style: Detailed and Medium - Big Scale Builds - I tend to build medium - big size builds which are often quite detailed. I first layout the shape and size I want.. then I decide which blocks I will use. When the layout if finished and the outside is all built, I add details to the inside of the builds and try to make them realistic.

    Time Zone: GMT (London)

    Abilities: Add details to builds to make them seem realistic, good at making gardens/ponds and backyards, good at making storage rooms, adding intricacy to plain buildings.

    Previous buildings: Pictures of some of my builds can be found here: I hope the images do my builds justice lol.

    What else are you good at building at: Castles, Houses, Backyards, Gardens, Animal Farms, Farms, Waterfalls, anything to do with nature, Parks, Roads.

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    Dungeon Explorer demman8's Avatar
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    Jan 2012
    Building Style: The, uhm, that one.
    Time Zone: I don't believe Mars actually has a prime meridian..
    Abilities: I can put my big toe in my mouth.
    Previous buildings: Name:  2012-07-23_191023.png
Views: 722
Size:  256.7 KB My most recent masterpiece. Some call me the Duh Vinchi of building
    What else are you good at building at: Feet.

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    Both added to the list .. got demman's contact already so your the last to send me teenage

    PS: Demman i think they used to call you Dirt Vinchi ....

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    Can't wait to see demman's new "The night's watch" ^^

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    IGN: talon6758

    Best At Building: Redstone

    Time Zone: Pacific (washington). On Monday-Thursday I'm on at 3p.m to 8p.m. Friday: 5:30p.m. to 8p.m.

    Abilities: Redstone and cool architecture

    Recent Bulds:
    For some reason some of my pics get a little red ! when I try to upload, they are png files. But you guys have all seen my small world house right?

    What Else I'm Good At Building: Mansions, Castles, Redstone.

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    Name:  2013-03-18_19.34.22.png
Views: 212
Size:  506.2 KB
    Well, this one worked.

    I have no idea why any of my other pics wont work. hey get a red ! when I click upload.
    Last edited by talon6758; 5th April 2013 at 02:12.

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    Truthfully, I love TDs builds. They look awesome! I think that is deserving of building a main city in the trees

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