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    Admin application

    DOM, one of our admins, is looking to take it easy on the Minecraft stuff. Read his blog for more details: My Minecraft "Career"

    This means we'll be looking for another admin to help us out. Normally I'd choose who becomes the next admin. But in this case I'm opening a public application for it because we're looking for some very specific qualities.

    Our new admin should be a friendly person with good social skills. We'll be expecting someone who records YouTube videos on a regular basis and who is able to handle the many many questions players have on the servers. He also needs to be 'strict but fair' while dealing with conflicts and isn't ever allowed to loose his temper or become less then polite when handling bad players.

    Being active is a requirement, but so is availability. We'll expect admins to be available on Steam, Skype and the forums on a regular basis. Being an active member in our community already isn't a requirement, but it's a bonus.

    The new admin has to be dedicated and loyal. If you choose to do this, we'll expect you to stick around. When we select the new admin we'll start with a trial period of 3 months.

    The new admin has to be a veteran player of Minecraft and needs to have natural seniority. There is no hard age limit, but in my point of view you will have to be at least 25 to be able to meet this criteria and should have been playing for well over a year.

    The admin needs to have experience running Minecraft servers using Bukkit/Spigot for over a year and needs to know his way around plugins and Linux server related issues. The new admin also needs to understand how networks work and what does, and doesn't, cause lag on servers.

    We're looking for someone who can direct the building of a new server and spawn. Currently we're creating a central server that will become a hub for all our other servers. We are currently recruiting builders. The new admin will need to be able to work together with other admins to oversee the project. Building skills are therefore a requirement as we'll be expecting you to get your hands dirty

    DOM is also working on the HappyGuilds plugin. We are looking for someone who knows his way around Java to help him out with that. This isn't a requirement for the new admin, but it's definitely a big bonus. If you are a programmer and whish to apply just for a position of helping us with the plugin then please let us know.

    Those are a lot of 'demands' and requirements. But you'll also get something for it in return. We currently have 9 servers with a 10th and 11th on the way. You'll be admin on all those servers and get access to our Vanilla and Feed The Beast invite-only servers. You'll also become an admin on our forums and get the privilege of starting/creating new servers if you have good ideas for them.

    To apply to this position we will expect you to provide a response detailing your motivation and your past relevant experience. Providing things like previous builds, mods, youtube channel/video, servers, etc. all adds to the general picture so please provide as much as you can. We will only consider serious and detailed applications. If you wish to merge your current servers with ours to create a bigger network of servers that's also a possibility.

    Please send your application to me directly via e-mail:

    Anyone can apply for this position, including our current members and moderators.

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    As soon as I saw this, I was so happy, I opened up my e-mail, then I read more: Playing Minecraft for over a year : No 25 years old: No Experience with Bukket/Spigot: No. I want to be an admin so badle, I just can't do everything needed, also, I don't know how to send e-mails with gmail.

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    Thank you all for applying

    The application has been filled by noggin291. Also see this post on the frontpage:

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