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  • Christmas Present Hunt!

    Hey everyone! If you've been around for a long time than you might remember last year's Christmas surprise...

    Well guess what! I've done it again! :P

    I have hidden a chest for each active/important member of the Vanilla/FTB Whitelist in the spawn village of the Vanilla Server. None of these chests have a solid block directly above them and All of them have a solid block directly below them, which means they aren't floating 200 blocks in the sky or have been put down at diamond level in a cave wall somewhere.

    Now comes the fun part... A bit of friendly competition. The goal is to find as many as these chests as you can. You have to prove that you found them, so private message me the location of each chest you find. The player who wins will receive the choice of three prizes...

    * A brand spankin' new Fortune III, Efficiency IV, Unbreaking III Pickaxe
    * 16 Blocks of Iron, Gold, Coal and Lapis
    * A service which I will complete myself (Have mercy...)

    Of course this competition requires you to leave your book in your chest once you've found them, so other people can find it as well.

    Good luck, and Merry Christmas!


    Heres a list of the people I made chests for:
    * InsaneJ
    * Dom
    * Sverf
    * wordie
    * Mupje
    * ethe334
    * kl1172
    * TeenageDreamer
    * boya0910
    * talon6758
    * RJS1997
    * Ryanyo007
    * Marius49
    * ligemyster
    * noobminer101
    * Dylan4ever
    * CrouchingOcelot
    * flyinginstyle
    * RoadieRatonga

    Knowing myself I've probably forgotten someone/a few people. If you want I can always hide a chest for you or someone else.

    (I was going to put the video Dom made for last year's christmas hunt as the main picture/attachment, but it's just not working for me. >.<)
    Comments 35 Comments
    1. Pernix_8D's Avatar
      Pernix_8D -
      And yes, I know. It's a bit early. Oh well. ^.^
    1. ethe334's Avatar
      ethe334 -
      Awh, Im the 6th
    1. InsaneJ's Avatar
      InsaneJ -
      Hooray for presents!

      I couldn't find the video you referred to. Send me the link and I'll try to include it in your post.
    1. boya0910's Avatar
      boya0910 -
      Cool! But only 1 problem, the vanilla server portal is still broken so the vanilla server is not accessible, how we gonna get the presents? :P
    1. InsaneJ's Avatar
      InsaneJ -
      Check the servers page. We're not using the portal on the Lobby server anymore since we updated the Vanilla server weeks ago.
    1. boya0910's Avatar
      boya0910 -
      PERN!!! Im going to murder you!!! (JK) I searched 1 hour 30 min and found 15 presents, NONE MINE! Anyway you win i can not find my present.
    1. Pernix_8D's Avatar
      Pernix_8D -
      Yeah, I was a bit mean when I hid your chest. :P

      You'll facepalm when you find it, though.
    1. boya0910's Avatar
      boya0910 -
      Is it in small world?
    1. boya0910's Avatar
      boya0910 -
      and if i find it
    1. boya0910's Avatar
      boya0910 -
      BTW i give up
    1. Pernix_8D's Avatar
      Pernix_8D -
      No, no. It's in Vanilla's spawn, like the rest of them.

      Oh, and so far ethe is the only one who has given me chest locations for the competition. If you want any one of those three prizes, better pm me the locations of chests soon.
    1. kl1172's Avatar
      kl1172 -
      How's the finger, boya?
    1. boya0910's Avatar
      boya0910 -
      Better! I think xD
    1. boya0910's Avatar
      boya0910 -
      And btw its not in spawn cuz i searched it all the way throught and nothing
    1. InsaneJ's Avatar
      InsaneJ -
      Better keep looking boya, it's at spawn

      Pernix I've added a little present to the post to make things even more festive
    1. Pernix_8D's Avatar
      Pernix_8D -
      Thanks J

      And I'm positive it's in spawn. I'm the one who hid it.

      Just a question, are you using fancy or fast graphical settings? your chest in particular is hidden in a place where fancy graphics are needed to actually find it... :3

      Sorry if this was the problem. Didn't think about that until now.
    1. boya0910's Avatar
      boya0910 -
      ahh ok i use fast
    1. InsaneJ's Avatar
      InsaneJ -
      I've added a few seasonal smilies as well. Enjoy!
    1. boya0910's Avatar
      boya0910 -
      btw J can u help me find it cuz im recording and its boring looking at me trying to find mine ( last night i did record and look for my present but gave up after part 5 :P )
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