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    Protected passives oopsie

    After an update some time ago "old" dinos weren't protected unless one manually switched it on. New dinos bred/tamed after the change had protection on by default.

    We had so many dinos unprotected that my lazines kept me from switching them, but finally a few days ago I did that.

    And today they all defaulted to unprotected again, I guess after the restart.

    Had anybody had this problem before? Is it just this particular restart? Or is it gonna repeat every time?

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    By defaulted back to unprotected do you mean you had to manually set them to protected again or just that their counter restarted? When the server is updated/restarted all passive timers are reset. The mod author stated a while back that he fixed that issue when in fact all he did was make it so passive protected tame timers can count while not being rendered.

    If it wasn't the timer, but rather the protection toggle then no I haven't seen that problem reported before.

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    The issue has been resolved.

    It's a new bug that was introduced in the latest version. I've issued the fix so we shouldn't have that problem moving forward.

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    Post Protected passives randomly are off

    It seems that I experience a similar problem now.

    From time to time some of my dinos Protective Passive setting is turned off, and I have to re-enable it manually.
    I'm sure I've put all of them on before I went off line.

    After rejoining some of them (not always the same) are off again.

    Secondly, but less important:
    Sometimes the ghost mode is not showing, although it is enabled, and only the shield above there head is visible.

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    I'll try and tackle that issue this weekend.

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    I've run the fix that resets the protected passives mod on all the servers again. That should clear up the problem. Let me know if it doesn't.

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